There are many organisations around the world that are happy to take your money for a great cause but rarely is it visible to see how, why and where your money is being spent. That's why, with our new partnership with the Coral Reef Alliance, we wanted to show you exactly the impact of your contribution.

$1 = £0.77 at the time of writing Friday 22nd November 2019.

$1 buys suppliers for one community member to participate in a coastal cleanup in northern Bali, Indonesia. The Coral Reef Alliance organise coastal cleanups to reduce marine plastic pollution and educate community members about waste management and environmental stewardship.

$5 buys two vetiver plants in West Maui. Vetiver is a non-fertile, non-invasive perennial grass with a dense web of roots that binds soil and penetrates vertically up to 15 feet. Vetiver plants are used to restore landscapes in the Wahikuli Watershed and positively benefit coral reef habitats.

$10 pays for one day of stewardship training for a community member in Fiji. Training includes lessons on conservation agreements and aquaculture practices which reduce fishing pressure on nearshore coral reefs while providing sustainable alternative livelihoods.

$35 covers one day of fuel for a patrol boat for Roatan Marine Park. Patrol boats are operated in partnership with the Honduran Navy and used to monitor protected areas. The Navy confiscates illegal gear such as nets or spears used to catch turtles and arrest people who are involved with illegal development like mangrove cutting.

$50 buys snorkel gear (mask, snorkel, fins) used for in-water monitoring of coral reefs. Tracking trends in fish and coral populations on reefs allows the Coral Reef Alliance to draw informed conclusions about where resource management strategies are working and where strategic changes should be made.

$125 supports one month of water quality monitoring. Sediments can smother and bury corals and nutrients feed algae growth that can compete with corals for space on reefs. Understanding the water quality enables the Coral Reef Alliance to better address the source of water pollution and implement appropriate solutions to t help corals thrive.

$500 protects 1 square kilometer of reef in the Namena Marine Reserve in Fiji. That's more than 240 acres - which amounts to the combined size of 185 football fields. When effectively managed, marine protected areas have more fish and healthier reefs.

$1000 pays for the installation and maintenance of one mooring buoy in Roatan Marine Park for 5 years. Mooring buoys provide an alternative way to moor a boat over coral reef without causing damage to the corals by dropping anchor.

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