Welcoming Grace To TYDL Fitness

Hey there, it’s Grace here! I have recently joined the TYDL team, managing the social media accounts, so if you have received a like, follow or comment from @tydlfitness - that's me! I’m always here for any questions or suggestions, especially via Instagram, so go ahead & fire away.

I am overjoyed to be on board with TYDL as their ethos aligns with my personal stance on sustainability & environmental conservation. I adore nature & exploring our beautiful world, at home or abroad. We only have this planet, so we need to protect its ecosystems & inhabitants, not only for the present but for future generations. Thankfully, concern for the environment has become more mainstream over the past decades, meaning more people are being educated on how to respect & protect our environments. Technology is also benefiting the cause, such as plant-based fabrics being more readily accessible, therefore providing a sustainable & renewable alternative to conventional, yet harmful fabrics.

We all live on this planet and have a responsibility to be more conscious and thoughtful about what we wear, eat, and use. For instance, I study Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent and have the chance to be as sustainable as I can. Anything I create is made for life; longevity is important for any well-designed object as it must stand the test of time, emotionally and physically, which is why you must “choose well” (in the wise words of Vivienne Westwood).

I am very passionate about the concept of care. Care and respect are values that, I believe, help one be more sustainable due to being more conscious of one’s surroundings and belongings. For example, I up-cycle second hand & unwanted fabrics into new garments to extend their lifetime by breathing a new purpose into something that already exists. Also, not every fabric or garment is recyclable, which is another reason to reimagine it to prevent it ending up in a landfill site. I enjoy creating zero waste designs too as the challenge of designing with no waste is enjoyable for me. Feel free to have a look at anything I have been up to recently on my Instagram @greeves_creativa.

I am a vegetarian & adore the natural world. I love swimming in the sea and feeling the sun on my skin! I love traveling & have had the opportunity to scuba dive, which I heavily recommend to anyone with a keen interest in the ocean! Exploring and being outdoors, whether I’m in a rural or urban landscape, is one of my favourite things to do. I love watching the world go by and appreciating how beautiful it is to be alive.

I believe life is for living & we only have one so we have to make the most of it. Human life is too short to not experience this world fully, however we must ensure we #leavenotrace. Our planet is a unique place to live & we must prioritise its protection to stop the risk of it being spoiled forever. We must treat our surroundings with love & care, just as we should with every living thing... and this includes ourselves!

It's a pleasure to be a part of the TYDL family & I look forward to the future of this sustainable small business.

Love & positivity,


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