From gym buddies to business partners, this is the story of TYDL.

In 2017, in a yoga class full of, well, ladies far older than us, we (Michael & Will) teamed up as the only two members of the class from our generation. From then on, we formed a great friendship, centered around fitness and the outdoors. For almost a year, we had both discussed our passion for business, innovation and the environment but had never quite been able to join the dots.

When we decided we wanted to work together on something that contributed more to the planet than working the '9 to 5' to earn money, we set out to think of what 'big problems' needed solving, or at the very least, helping.

The idea for TYDL came from a trip to Bali where Will saw first-hand the impact of the global plastic crisis where there were full-time bulldozers going up and down the beaches to collect waste which has been washed up by the tide. It was so upsetting to witness such a beautiful place contaminated with the waste of consumerism and the pure lack of care for nature by humans.

Upon returning to the UK, we researched the problem of single-use plastic, linear economies, and its impact on the world, the more we felt the strong urge to help tackle it. The fitness clothing industry is full of synthetic-based materials, and well known fitness brands seem to be doing very little about adapting their supply chains, which opens more opportunities for alternative brands, such as TYDL, to carve a new path in the sportswear industry which isn’t solely profit focussed.

It is our goal, to one day, be the most sustainable sportswear company on the planet. In order to do that, we need to produce fantastic products, that don’t contribute to the problem we are trying to solve and also to help reduce the impact humans have had on the world so far. There are lots of projects around the world which help various parts of nature and we wanted to be able to contribute to them in a big way. There are so many areas that need enormous amounts of help all over the globe, but one that particularly resonated with us is the current condition of the world's coral reefs.

Unfortunately, coral reefs are in huge decline all over the world, but they have an enormous impact on the world's ecosystems, not just the rest of the sea. Not only do they produce over half the world's oxygen; they also absorb a third of the CO2 we produce from burning fossil fuels which helps reduce our carbon impact and the biodiversity of the oceans. That's just to name only a few of the positive things coral reefs do for the world. Please read our blog post on ‘Why are Coral Reefs Important’ for some interesting facts about how coral reefs help us.

We are privileged to be helping the Coral Reef Alliance with their projects to help coral reefs, and as we grow we will be able to make positive impacts to more projects and to reduce the negative impact that humans have had on nature. By supporting us, you are helping to support the future of the planet. Please share this post to help grow the positive impact we can have on the world.

Thank you,

Michael and Will

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